Nvidia Shield ($200) vs Onn 4K Walmart TV ($20)

The tale as old as time… “I have a shield, what does Kodi still take more than 30 seconds to load in?”

Well, there is a few reasons for this likely. The more widgets you have pulling from multiple addons the slower the load time. Also, and most importantly, the Android branch of Kodi is not as well constructed as the iOS or really any of the other branches hence you see a dramatic difference in load time.

So if Kodi is your main flavor when it comes to streaming, you may want to consider iOS or even an Intel NUC or something of that sort. Android based streaming TVs handle mostly all other streaming apps (Weyd, Syncler, etc) quite well and a $20.00 Android TV can load and play Syncler just as quick as the $200 shield. Hence, personally, I opt for the lower end hardware and try to use minimal builds for Kodi. (Skins that I configure to have minimal widgets but enough to get the job done… see my Kodi builds for more info.)

Typically, I only use Kodi for live streaming events / sports but once in a while I turn to it for TV shows / movies. Syncler+ is my current go to for TV / Movies w/ AllDebrid and RealDebrid as well as Orion.