Kodi FREE 2.0 – Live Sports, TV Shows, Movies and More

Sample images from build

This is a very thorough video of a complete, start to finish FREE installation of Kodi 19.4 with the Arctic Zephyr Reloaded skin. All of the content within this video is for educational purposes only and is not meant to be replicated. This tutorial is also great for those that are new to Kodi as I explain almost every detail with each step!

Since The Oath, Venom, and Fen are all RIP … I decided to publish my current install of Kodi as well as how to set it all up.


– Completely FREE installation

– Netflix-like skin layout with beautiful and easy to use widgets

– Access to TV Shows, Movies, and Live Sports

– Genres of movies/shows, browsing capability

– Trakt integration so you can watch across all your Kodi-enabled devices

– Search for TV Shows, Movies

– Construct favorites / watch lists across various devices

– Whole install can be transferred to any device that supports Kodi


Kodi 19.4 Download: https://kodi.tv/download/windows

Arctic Zephyr Mod Reloaded skin: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=337862

Trakt.tv: https://trakt.tv/

Kodi Repos: